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Group Fitness & Specialized Training

Group Fitness Training

Our group fitness classes are exciting and challenging. Our integrated programs deliver functional fitness and strength based classes that are fun and deliver results! We meet you where you are in your fitness evolution. You will develop your strength, confidence, stability and endurance by using modifications to make the workout easier or more difficult to achieve maximum results! Our trainers lead classes with an eye on form, function, safety and effectiveness.

Personal Training

Our one-on-one program caters to your needs. You will have a Personal Training experience that delivers results and give you the best “me-time” ever! Our nationally certified personal trainers will design a program for you that focuses on your fitness goals on your schedule! You will work the program and get results! Schedule a FREE consult with a personal trainer TODAY!

Targeted Training Program

Our targeted fitness programs offers small groups fitness training designed to reach specific fitness goals. Nationally Certified fitness trainers develop a 3-month program for adults or youth to achieve specific desired results. Tracking and measuring milestones delivers results! Pushing one another to reach your goals is what the Targeted Training approach is all about! 3-month contracts apply.

Youth Fitness

Our greatest joy is seeing young people develop their skills and confidence on and off the field. Our youth program develops speed, strength, agility and endurance that enhances performance and increases athletic potential that lasts a lifetime. For more information about our Youth Fitness Program, email

Circuit Training Program

Combine cardio & strength training for a quick and efficient workout in 30 minutes or less. Our Circuit Training program develops muscle which increases your metabolism and burns fat at a higher rate. You will increase your strength, stability, endurance, heart and lung capacity and bone density. This full body workout promotes a consistent workout schedule to support you in reaching your fitness goals.

Power House Weight Training

Our Power House Program is led by an experienced nationally certified trainer that will take you on a journey to developing muscle and tone. Proper form is taught for squats, dead lifts and bench presses through a challenging personalized routine that builds muscles and improves bone density. Weight training delivers life-changing results! For more information, email

The New Young Active

Being healthy and active is important, regardless of your age. For our 55+ members, building stability and strength is essential to ensuring safety in everyday life.

Our active 55+ members have fun getting stronger and staying fit at Total Fitness while engaging with a community of members of all ages.

It’s important to remember that being fit serves a purpose. Ultimately, we need strength, endurance, cardio and balance to operate safely in our daily activities. As we age, it’s more important than ever to maintain our fitness! Contact us TODAY to get started on a safe and effective fitness plan!

What Our Clients Say About Us?

Our goal is to meet and exceed our members’ expectations every day. We continue to serve each and ever member to the fullest by providing training, education, consults and appealing products to support our clients on their fitness journey.

Our fitness studio has received many 5* reviews over the years from our clients.  We continue to strive to meet and exceed our client expectations by supporting our members to work toward achieving their fitness goals.  

Simply said, our studio delivers fitness and vitality through personal engagement, empowerment, education and accountability.

Great workout class in the Edgewater area. This is a class you could go to everyday if you wanted and the trainers are the best!!


This is a great gym! I’ve been going for about 3-months and I enjoy every class that I take, and the instructors are so helpful!


I absolutely love this gym. It really is more of a family than a gym. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. We are all here to better ourselves in different ways but no matter what the reason, you will always have that support from your peers and trainers. It is a challenge but it makes you feel that much more accomplished when you finish. I definitely recommend giving it a try!


Just recently started going to TF and I immediately felt like family. The workouts are very intense but also super fun. In the first 2 weeks I already see a difference!


The Total Fitness Experience

Our fitness studio caters to individuals with specific goals to lose, maintain or build.  We provide our members with a wide range of fitness and wellness services from exciting group fitness to one-on-one personal training that delivers results!

We now offer a full range of nutritional and wellness products through our online boutique,  Just click in to see the variety of exciting products including Red light technology, pumpkin shakes and much, much, more!

Our fitness studio has a family fun culture is contagious! Stop in and try your first session on us! 

The TOTAL FITNESS at South River experience…Results Delivered!


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