Total Fitness at South River

who we are

who we are

Total Fitness at South River is an integrated fitness and wellness company. Programs and services include large and small group fitness classes, personal training and nutritional products to empower individuals to reach optimal health.

Our H.I.I.T. classes, functional fitness, Bootcamps and other fitness programs are exciting, challenging, and fun!

You will be inspired and motivated by our team training approach to persevere towards your fitness goals. 

Our team based workouts bring our members together like one big happy family supporting one another to get results. Our certified trainers will support you by tracking, measuring & encouraging you to keep working towards your goals. 

You will be challenged AND you will get results!

Meet our trainers

Our Total Fitness Training team consists of highly trained, highly committed, and excellent trainers.  Stop in and try a FREE class and get to know our team! 

If you are interested in becoming a trainer with Total Fitness at South River, Contact Us!

Jess fenton

Head Trainer

Coach Jess is a Certified Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Power Athlete Block One Coach, and has been trained by Parisi Speed School Coach. She specializes in strength and conditioning for both adults and children, as well as youth speed and agility programs. Jess follows the Power Athlete Methodology for training and focuses on primal movements and transfer of functional movements. Jess started going to group fitness classes and fell in love with everything that has to do with physical fitness. Her story is one so many can relate to!

Exercise has always been of important to meAfter I had my first son, I realized that my body had completely changed, which was hard for me to grasp being so young, I had to learn different ways to train my body and what worked best for the new me.
It is so important to keep moving, and to teach our children the proper way to move. My true passion is training the whole family and I hope to help more busy moms and dads get fit and healthier together Fun fitness can be a great friends and family activity that encourages each other to success!”  

John Fenton

John first started working out when he  did fly-bys at the Globo Gym, hit the treadmill for a couple miles, did some upper body then rolled out. He was always an active teenager and kid, but nothing was super structured. After his first son was born 8 years ago he started doing structured group fitness classes, and never looked back. John started as many do – a bit apprehensive – but John quickly realized that consistency, hard work, and community support are far more effective than flying solo.
During the pandemic, John took his training to a whole new level and got certified as a group fitness instructor. He started focusing on training others and he loves it!
Class Style: John’s training style combines strength training with techniques and conditioning that produces results in small and large group formats. 

Artemis "arti" Xyderis

I struggled with weight and depression for most of my life.  I began working out on a regular basis and found it nearly impossible to stay motivated.  I kept stopping and restarting.  I began joining group fitness classes, small group training and sports training teams.  I found that the key to success is a strong support system.  Having a “family” there to support you, encourage you and refuse to allow you to quit is one of the most important ways to achieve success. 

I spent the past several years as a proud “gym rat”, focusing on training and allowing my gym family to support me. The skills that I have built has helped me to conquer my depression and increase my self-appreciation.  My journey lead me to become a certified 200 hour yoga teacher, specializing in vinyasa, yin yoga and yoga sculpt.  I joined the Total Fitness family in July 2021 as a Group Fitness instructor and I love the opportunity to help others transform themselves – both  physically and mentally.  

Class Style: Arti’s Bootcamp style is fun, engaging and creative! She will push you as much as you want to be pushed…and a little bit more!  Dive in to fitness with Arti !

Rachel smith

Like most women, I struggle with my weight, and working out is my therapy.   It has taken a long time for me to understand how good working out is for you.  When I work out, I feel good.  When I work out, I eat healthier.  When I work out, my mood is better.  When I work out, I am just better all around. 

I am an accountant and sit at a desk most days, so working out before starting my day is the only way to be.  I love numbers and creating spreadsheets, but I love them more after a good workout.  I joined Total Fitness to keep my activities going, and I would like to help others do the same.  

Class Style: Rachel’s style of class is cross between HIIT/Circuit Training.  Her class is a rigorous interval training sequence with high-intensity workouts. She will push you to work hard, and she will most definitely make you sweat. She also works out alongside you and the others to help everyone stay motivated. 

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Lynn Mullineaux


Join Lynn for a light hearted yoga class that is designed for all levels. Whether you are new to yoga or an advanced Yogi,  Lynn will challenge you while providing modifications that will meet your needs.  

Lynn has had a passion for Yoga for more than 14 years. She completed her 200 hour yoga training in 2017 and has been teaching ever since.  Lynn’s primary passion as an instructor is to make yoga accessible to everyone.

Class Style: Lynn teaches yoga in a way that everyone can connect and participate, regardless of experience.  She trains in traditional breathing and stretching techniques that connect you with the heart of yoga, and traditional poses that train you in the art of yoga. 

Boris beltran

I began working out as a way to find what I am truly capable in the weight room. I have always been competitive not against others but against my self.
The main reason why I love the fitness industry is because it presents one key way to create a wonderful and uplifting community.
 My own personal goals with fitness is to be able to perform functional movements at any age, stay mobile through every single joint and to help others do the same.
Class Style: Group classes style involved a variety of functional movements that include core engagement, strength training and cardiorespiratory work. 

sabrina snell

Sabrina began to exercise while playing soccer but she truly found a passion for exercise while training to follow her dream career. Sabrina is a Firefighter and Nationally Registered Paramedic with Montgomery County Fire Rescue. Passing the Candidate Physical Agility Test, to be eligible for the job, taught her how to push both mind and body to accomplish even the most challenging fitness goals. Sabrina is a Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), and in her free time she enjoys DIY projects, spending time outdoors, and being with family. 

Class Style: Sabrina specializes in H.I.I.T. and  Bootcamp style group fitness classes with a focus in functional fitness.

our giving heart

Total Fitness at South River is committed to serving our community and youth through various philanthropic activities. In 2021, we began partnering with AACPS to support  youth who are developmentally delayed to build their vocational and social skills through the Enclave Training Program at South River High School. We are so grateful for the opportunity to support our youth to learn trade skills that will help them for years to come.

In addition, we continue to support the Navy Seal Foundation by honoring Special Warfare Operator 1st Class Patrick D. Feeks. Patrick was from the Edgewater area and was KIA in 2012 in Afghanistan. We continue to dedicate our gym space to his service and his legacy. Please consider supporting the Tampa Bay Frogman Swim each year to raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation to serve families of fallen and injured Navy Seals.